The Girl and the WomanThe Girl and the Woman  synopsis:
Jasmin is a very likeable, international porn star in her mid-twenties who is one of the best in her profession. She has a very difficult life and she goes to a therapist trying to cope with the ordeals in her life. We get to know more about Jasmin’s double personality as she attends her appointments at her psychiatrist. We gain insight of what were the reasons to her actions and we discover of this mysterious and financially attractive but not so easy world of erotica. Based on the book (is in the making) the film is a dramatic story with twists and turns but a joyful life story of a girl who is controlled by her multiple personality disorder. Sometimes the fickle, outgoing, crazy side of her wins over and sometimes the sober, deliberate, cautious and not so promiscuous side of her becomes stronger.
The book and film are based on a true story without revealing anyone…

Jasmin: Natasha Alam (international model and actress)

Natasha Alam   Natasha Alam