About Us


pixel film was born

It all started in a garage… Four young kids put their heads together and had a big idea. Even when their ages were combined, they didn’t add up to that of a fully grown adult, but their enthusiasm and determination were much greater. They began to develop and learn rapidly…


building connections

A few years passed, and even though they hadn’t started to turn gray, they got the opportunity to shoot a documentary on the other side of the world. Climbing the Great Wall of China with cameras and equipment weighing several kilograms still haunts them as a nightmare to this day.


the american job

Their desires and dreams were always focused on the West. Having grown up on American productions, this was the benchmark and standard they sought to achieve in every project. This year, they managed to secure their first American shoot.


Moving to Budapest

Their Debrecen studio has been closed down; their clients' needs were already found in Budapest or abroad. Therefore, they moved their headquarters to Budapest, where they have engaged in downtown life with a refreshed team and expanded workforce.


pixel film goes to the usa

They started traveling abroad more often for filming, and they began receiving more orders from overseas. So, they decided to open an office in the United States as well, where they regularly visit and maintain good relationships with local filmmakers and clients.


the future

Filmmaking is our passion, and our enthusiasm will never diminish. We aim to engage in more international projects and to see the satisfaction reflected in the smiles of our clients worldwide.